Thursday, October 7, 2010


Call it good timing or the power of the blog or God has a sense of humor whatever the reason I picked up a new client that had received a letter from the PIC for failure to amend their registration after they extended their contract with their client.

Yup a case directly on point to yesterdays blog.

So I called the commission to speak with the program person who signed the letter. After explaining that I was an attorney representing my client, that’s right Ralph I did it with full knowledge that you probably think this issue is covered by the lifetime bar as well since the lobby act was amended while I was Executive Director of the Lobby Commission, in other words Ralph no need for another opinion you want to stop taking punches with your arms tied behind your back bring a case on these facts for a lifetime bar violation lets see who wins that one. Anyway I asked the program person where they found the statutory authority to require a registration amendment for a contract extension with no new written agreement (precisely the point I made in yesterdays blog). The answer – “I don’t care I’m just doing what I’m told”. Wow what has happened to the old lobby commission employees? Back in the day that kind of attitude was not tolerated and certainly not encouraged. I know this person and it is out of character for them to act this way, has morale fallen that far? Time to take them all apple picking again Barry cause the free coffee at Mug Shots isn’t getting the job done.

Anyway I didn’t have the heart to torture a broken employee so I will just send a letter documenting my client’s position and ask that they forward it to counsel so that Ralph can either ignore it or threaten me again with a bogus interpretation of the lifetime bar. Either way my client will not be paying a late fee without a court issuing a decision that the commission has the authority to impose one. By the way where would the commission find the authority to impose a civil penalty if a filer did not amend their registration to extend the term? Look long and hard at that one Ralph cause that‘s another one worth fighting about.

And lastly keep up the good work on these letters the more you write the more clients I get. The more clients I get the more likely I am to hire the few good motivated employees the commission has left. It’s a win win all the way around.

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