Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Twas the night before Christmas, in the old commission house
no one was working, except Kopec who was playing solitaire with her computer mouse

The doggers were nestled all snug in their cubes
spying and backbiting like a couple of boobs

The opinions were written the press releases all sent,
Walter was looking like an old english gent.

Barry was nervous he was losing his hair
His wife was a lobbyist and he just lost his protective Chair

Old Mike had run off like a thief in the night,
he knew like Feerick before, what he did just wasn't right.

When out on the web there was a growing emotion
that CPI should be dismantled it was more than a notion.

Shelly had tried only to be thwarted
by a Governor whose affairs were documented and quite sordid

CPI started to look at Yankee tickets, the seats they were primo
So the Gov got scared and gave them a veto

But fear has sprung again with a new Gov named Andrew
If he keeps his campaign promises they all soon would be thru

What would they do the minions of Barry,
He called them by name all except Ace and Gary

Come here Ralphie, Jeannine, Deb, Howard and Teri
Come here Bob, Scott, Bridget and the wooden indian named Larry.

Come to my office we have to plan our attack
We need to get Grandeau off of our back.

With their heads filled with nothing cause they're dopes one and all
Jeannine and Deb said not us we are taking a long lunch at the mall

With his blog and public questions he has shown all our flaws
every mistep every coverup from Herb to the lobby laws

He says that getting our letters are to him just like gifts
we should stop sending them but we can’t because we’re nitwits

I hear he hangs them all on his Christmas tree
as proof of what idiots we are for the whole world to see

As he drives past our building in a new car or sleigh
that’s been paid for from business that we’ve sent his way

We’ve made it easy for him to keep getting new clients
as we sit up here like a bunch of spoiled tyrants

I heard him exclaim as he beeped and drove off on his way to go dine
Merry Christmas to my crew to the rest of you its time to resign

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