Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Big New York Times story today about the governor’s friend and whether he should have been registered as a lobbyist.

It’s a pretty straight forward issue and on the facts available in the story an easy question to answer. But count on the cockroaches at the Public Integrity Commission to touch it and make it something no one wants to go near. And this was the easy question.

They had three weeks to think about it since Jim Odato and the Times Union wrote about it January 31.

They had a commission meeting where Barry could have briefed the entire commission between gorging himself on that catered lunch.

They could have answered the question without upsetting this governor because it happened BEFORE January first, which makes it a Patterson problem.

But Barry refused to go on television and discuss it even though he initially said he would. (Do you think he changed his mind after finding out I would be on the live interview with him? Or did he get orders from on high to keep his mouth shut?) Either way it makes you and the commission look bad, Barry.

Please please please tell me you briefed your chairwoman today when you saw the Times story. You could have explained all the above as you just being a good new york lawyer. But if you didn’t brief the Chair today Barry you got a lot of explaining to do. Are you just incompetent? Was it because you don’t like reporting to a woman? Where you waiting for direction from the commissioner’s you are beholding too?

There is no good answer if you didn’t call your chair first thing today and bring her up to speed on an issue that will test the new administration’s ethical mettle. It’s your troopergate Barry and we all know what a bad job you and Herb did on that one. Do you think your Chair will handle this one better than Feerick did troopergate? Only if she is kept informed on a timely basis.

And that’s what you should thank me for I did your job for you already. I only wished Feerick had been as interested in doing the right thing as Ms. Hormozi is.

If I was you Barry I’d come up with some answers in a hurry, but don’t worry Barry no thank you is necessary.

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