Saturday, January 21, 2012

Want Ads

Applications have closed for the new executive director position at JCOPE. I hope the meter maid applied, although I think the requirement that all applicants be attorneys was specifically written to eliminate her. I guess she will just have to keep practicing her brand of integrity by continuing to ticket the chair’s car at commission meetings (based on my last interaction with the serious looking gentleman driving the chair’s official Westchester county vehicle I am sure he will never put a quarter in the meter).
In the spirit of lending a helping hand here are some simple rules to follow in selecting employees for JCOPE especially the lawyers, DO NOT HIRE ANYONE:
1. If they are presently collecting a government pension. Double dipping looks bad and given the governor’s position on the subject when he was AG could prove embarrassing.
2. If they were fired by Mitra already. She fired them for a reason and hiring them back to reduce a backlog that they created would be a career killer (Terri just find a new position a la Barry and don’t look back).
3. For the executive director slot who presently works for the commission. They don’t have the skill set and have already done enough to prove that the new group is the same as the old group. Other than 5 or six existing employees the same holds true for any position at JCOPE.
4. With obvious ties to any commissioner. If you can connect them within two degrees to a commissioner the fix was in. I exclude Ravi Batra from this as everyone is connected to Ravi in one way or another.
5. The same holds true for the appointing authorities. At least make Blair Horner spend 15 minutes on Google before he finds the connection and tells Russ Haven who can then have his head explode as he tries to figure out who he is going to upset with the information Blair gives him.
6. Whose spouse or family member is a lobbyist (registered or otherwise, like Ginsberg’s wife).
7. Who lives south of 51st street in Manhattan (the track record of self proclaimed smart NY lawyers is horrible, read Joe Fisch’s report)
8. Anyone named Barry or Herb, nuff said.
Hope that helps. Although I am sure the selection was made long before the advertisements were placed, with any luck the pedigree of the next executive director will at least pass the sniff test.

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