Monday, December 10, 2012


(917) 608-5025


That’s the number to call if you have any questions about JJOKE’s new emergency regulations for source of funding.


I’ve got a simple step by step analysis for my clients explaining if they need to disclose the source of their funding on the next client semiannual report, but no matter how much I simplify it they all seem to want to know why the regulations are written the way they are.


The questions run the gamut from why are they doing it now (the Ravi Batra camp) to why are they requiring the disclosure of people’s identity who specifically request that there donations not be used for lobbying (the Marvin Jacobs camp).  And these are all good questions that I can not answer.


I can explain what the law says, I can explain what the proposed regulations state, I can explain what the emergency regulations state I can even with some certainty explain the reason the statute was passed.  But when it comes to the why of how the law is being implemented by JJOKE I’ve got no clue.


I think the best person to answer those questions is the head of JJOKE Ellen Biben.


So instead of calling me on my cell phone call Ellen on her cell phone the number is (917) 608-5025


And I like the idea of promoting direct dialogue between the lobbying community and JJOKE so much I’m going to give everyone a gift and find as many personal cell phone numbers of JJOKE commissioners and staff as possible and post them in the coming days.


Think of it as a holiday gift.

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