Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Morejoke is a disgrace

The Morejoke commission is all over the news today claiming to have turned over a new leaf.  They are talking tough and rattling their sabres.

Before they start all these new "we will go wherever the facts lead us bullshit" areas of inquiry I think they ought to investigate themselves.

They should subpoena anyone and everyone that was involved in the decision not to issue subpoenas before yesterdays meeting.  Get them under oath and find out what really happened and if any member of the executive branch violated the Public Officers Law (the Dopp violation) by instructing MOREJOKE whom to investigate. AND DO IT IN PUBLIC!!!!!

Because at this point it is a tossup who the public has less confidence in, JJOKE or MOREJOKE.

In fact all subpoenas and responses thereto that Morejoke issues going forward should be done publicly.   While they say that everything is on the table how will we ever know what they decided to take off the table and put on there plate to dine on?  A thorough and professionally performed investigation will stand up to public scrutiny.

If they want to show some independence they could start by investigating why the State Democratic Party account that paid for the Governor's ads, which included a call to action for viewers to lobby for passage of the governors ethics bill, was never required to register as lobbyists.  As a bonus that would give them a good reason to get the JJOKE commissioners and staff under oath, which could yield a career worth of investigations.

Do that one thing and I'll stop calling you MOREJOKE.

Oh and one more thing this being the silly season make sure none of the MOREJOKE commissioners do anything stupid like soliciting campaign contributions from those they are probing.

I can't believe any MOREJOKE commissioner could be that stupid but hey this is NY and they are elected officials so nothing would surprise me.

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