Monday, October 21, 2013

Morejoke who are they and what are they doing but we support them

Thats the latest takeaway from the recent Sienna poll.  We don't know what the Moreland Commission is or what they are doing but they should keep doing it.

Explain to me again why one person one vote makes sense.

And did you see the comments from Co-Chair Rice's campaign?  They will not solicit money from those being investigated IF THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE FROM THE MEDIA

Are you f***ing kidding me?

Doesn't Ms. Rice have anyone in the campaign responsible to avoid conflicts in fundraising?

What do they do fundraise from those about to be indicted unless the media writes a story.

I thoght it was toungue in cheek when I warned Morejoke not to solicit donations from those that were being investigated, but now I'm hearing that is exactly what some have done.

In their honor and as a reward for their stupidity here is my thought for MOREJOKE

And the sooner the better

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  1. Not that you ever read or respond to your comments, but when you want to share a video (and that's a great song you picked):
    Click on "Share" on YouTube, then click on "Embed" and then copy the html code there: (the iframe tag isn't permitted in reader comments, the "Preview" function here notifies me).

    Whether any html code works in the comments, I'm less certain. I'd guess not, but we'll see.

    Incidentally, how much responsibility would you say you bear for Troy's current condition?

    "FOI Request: Opinions exempting Troy from requirements of Troy Code & NYS Law"

    Nearing, Brian. "David Grandeau chosen as Troy's new city manager; Bruno ally takes over Friday." Daily Gazette. August 31, 1994: B6 cols 5-6.,7741058

    You've changed, I trust, since your days of being a "Bruno ally" and Troy city manager? It's best when people get better - I try.

    Some, like Cuomo and George Hearst,
    aim at becoming their worst.