Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Nailed it

I told you on Monday what JJOKE would do on Tuesday when it came to that fundraising opinion.

My ability to predict JJOKE's actions is the reason I have too many clients.  I picked up a couple more in NYC on Tuesday which is why I missed the JJOKE shit show they call a commission meeting.  By the way did anyone notice they moved the camera angle so that "my" seat is no longer on camera?  Too funny, I may have to just start sitting at the table soon (when is my interview to be executive director?).

The Times Union's Chris Bragg had a piece today (terrible picture of Monica shows you what the TU thinks about JJOKE staff) that does a decent job of hinting at the behind the scenes actions related to this opinion (do you think he read the Monday blog?) but fails to hammer down on the most important issue, one deserving of a full blown investigation.  WHY WAS MONICA STAMM ASKING THE GOVERNOR, THE AG AND THE CONTROLLER FOR VERBAL COMMENTS?  The original request for comments was for written comments but only DiNapoli provided his comments in writing.  The AG and the Governor gave verbal comments to Monica, but what were they? what did they say? and why didn't Monica insist on getting them in writing?

The answer is simple.  The AG and the Governor prefer to have plausible deniability when JJOKE narrows the opinion.  But poor Monica was too honest when she told the commission in open session that she received verbal comments from the AG and the Governor.  My inside sources tell me the governors office is apoplectic that Monica was so honest and even more pissed that DiNapoli shoved it up there ass by providing written comments.

So now the opinion will stay bottled up until someone at JJOKE figures out how to modify it without looking like they are doing the governor's bidding.  That's a tough one.  I know how but they are not asking me.  Maybe during my interview I'll tell them.

Or they could dance with the one that brought them and ask Kevin Gagan what to do.  I'd love to hear him speak at a commission meeting and show us all why he is worth $160000.  It's even money now whether Gagan becomes the executive director or goes back to that State Police job they are holding for him.

One last thought on asking the effected parties for input on the opinion DO YOU THINK ELLIOT NESS ASKED AL CAPONE HOW TO WRITE THE TAX STATUTES?

Only in New York folks, only in New York. 

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