Friday, November 20, 2015

Taking Notes

I got a chance to watch the commission meeting last night.  It was a tossup between watching the Titan/Jags football game or watch the JJOKE meeting.  I know I lead a boring life.  Fortunately I was able to finish the JJOKE meeting in time to see the Jags color rush uniforms.  You have to think the NFL must be asking the JJOKE brain trust for marketing advice.

Anyway just as striking to me as the baby shit brown uniforms was the number of JJOKE staffers with no real role to play at the meeting taking copious notes.  Over a million dollars a year in salaries in that room and only Monica and Martin were needed, yet all the rest were diligently taking notes.  What could they possibly have been writing?

Deb Novack is the secretary, it's her job to take notes to write the minutes.

The rest of them?  They don't need to be there so why bother taking notes?

If they want to create a record for review down the road I have a news flash for them  THE MEETING IS RECORDED YOU CAN WATCH AND REVIEW EVERY WORD ANYTIME YOU WANT.

Lucky for me I have great video editing equipment on my computer and the new camera angle provides a clear shot of the end of the table where the note takers sit (I couldn't see the notes of the overpaid under talented staff that sit against the wall but you could see they were scribbling away) so here is what my software allowed me to see.

Kevin Gagan's note pad stated "Don't say a word, you are making $160 large to be the executive director in waiting why speak, remain a man of mystery.  Where are Harford and Hamilton?  I said I was responsible for bringing them here but if that prick Grandeau finds out they are a couple I'm going to blame LT.  Hamilton is her law school buddy not mine.  Tell Martin that bow tie makes him look like Dr. Seuss.  Commissioners not happy with resumes for ED job.  No shit I threw out all the good ones.  I need that job otherwise I have to go back to the State Police and those cops hate me.  I should ask LT if I can join her and Ginsberg at Tax."

Lori Donadio's note pad stated "Why am I here?  I barely have enough knowledge not to stare into the camera with a vapid look on my face.  What does the word regulated mean?  Gotta look that one up.  Does Monica need more coffee?  Why is Horwitz rocking like a fat kid on a hobby horse?  I hope no one realizes I make $66780 and can't spell KAT oops CAT.  I don't think Marvin has pants on.  I'm going to keep staring into the camera until I see pants or his pecker.  OK those are pants.  I wonder where Harford and Hamilton are?  I bet they are together.  Why is Martin wearing a bow tie he looks like Pee Wee Herman."

Walt McClure's notepad stated "No comment, No Comment, I can't comment, The commission has no comment, No Comment.  Do you think anyone watching will notice my new watch?  This bitch is iced out.  I could never have worn something like this back at South Colonie High but now? wheeeee.  Martin's bow tie looks cute.   Just once I'd like to tell Grandeau to go fuck himself.  Horwitz is davening like he is at an orthodox bar mitzvah. No comment No comment $79k and all I have to do is say no comment?  this is awesome I wonder if I can afford an Alex and Ani bracelet?

Stephen Boland's notepad stated "I hate Jeanine Clemente.  2 + 2 =4.  Why is Gagan even here?  Guy's a paranoid control freak.   Why is Martin wearing a bow tie that clashes with his shirt? UGH  He looks like Winston Churchill.  Walt can't afford that watch I better audit our petty cash fund"

That's all I could get I'll try to snap some high res photo's myself at the next meeting.

After seeing the note taking I listened to staff and commissioners explain their thought processes on regulations and opinions.  Good lord these people are stupid and foolish.  Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees.  Marvin once again made an excellent point that they shouldn't be issuing opinions that go beyond the statute but Horowitz stopped his manic rocking just long enough to state the most important fact of the meeting.  These opinion are guidance and no one can litigate them until an enforcement proceeding.  He thinks he is safe from the result of scaring the lobbyists, consultants and electeds until JJOKE decides which ones to prosecute or should I say until Cuomo does.  He may be right but I have an idea how to pin the tail on these jackasses.

I'm going to ask for a formal opinion on all the issues JJOKE has been wrong on lately but no one is willing to litigate with them about.  It will not be a hypothetical it will be based on real facts tailored to force JJOKE to state a position.  Best part is I control the facts because I am going to engage in activity that JJOKE claims will make me a lobbyist.  And I am not going to register.  Lets see if they bring an enforcement proceeding.  I bet they pussy out and never respond to my opinion request or start an enforcement proceeding against me.  I may go one step further and ask for the opinion on behalf of myself and all others similarly situated.

Let's see how smart these smart New York lawyers really are.

I'm betting they have more hair on there heads than they do on there asses.

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