Tuesday, May 24, 2016

$300000 to defend an opinion that JJOKE will not enforce

Now I could write volumes on JJOKE's opinion regarding pr consultants.  I'm making a lot of money advising the sharper pr firms on how to comply with the opinion without changing their business models and practices but I am baffled by why certain pr firms would spend what I am sure will total in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to mount a first amendment challenge to a JJOKE opinion.  Not a regulation, not an enforcement action but an opinion that has no binding legal effect.  JJOKE opinions are only binding on those that request an opinion.  This opinion was merely advisory.  A little bit of saber rattling, a very little bit if you truly understand JJOKE and how it operates.  As I said the sharp pr firms hired me and that was that I take care of the rest and they go right back to doing what they are good at.  The Berlin Rosens and Mercurys of the world hire Andrew Celli and drop major coin in an overreaction and will be pissed off when their federal case gets thrown out for any number of reasons.  Reasons Andrew Celli knows very well since he was a Lobby commissioner when Russel Simmons and the NYCLU brought federal litigation to stop an investigation by the Lobby Commission.  A case that was thrown out of Judge Preska's court much as this case will be.

But that's not the part that interests me, I figured that out about 2 minutes after the opinion was issued.  The interesting thing is JJOKE is spending at least $300000 to hire out of town lawyers to get the case thrown out, and they will.  $300000  that's $25000 a month.  And what will be the end result?  The lawyers make a lot of money (I wonder which JJOKE commissioner's law firm will receive referrals from the out of town lawyers?  This is Albany you know a quid pro quo was involved, I'm just surprised Todd Howe, Joe Percoco and Alain Kalyeros don't have ties to the out of town law firm)  And when all is said and done we have a JJOKE opinion that they have not used in an enforcement action (which by the way they can't since it has no binding effect on anyone).

The real question we should ask before spending $300000 is why doesn't Seth Agata actually follow the opinion and bring an enforcement action against those very same firms that are claiming the opinion violates their first amendment rights?  If it is chilling their free speech they must be engaging in action covered by the opinion.  All you need to do Seth is call the governor's office and get permission to start investigating these pr firms then the $300000 will at least be well spent because we might get a resolution to the issue.  That's assuming the governor's office will take your call I hear they are a little nervous of talking on the phone these days.

If JJOKE will not follow the opinion and investigate pr firms that refuse to register what was the point of the opinion in the first place?  Other than as a reason for Celli and this out of town law firm to make bank.

New York ethics at best is like playing with yourself.  The pleasure given equals the pleasure received.  At worst it is a massive Ponzi scheme, which is why Preet is too busy these days to play with himself.

Play on playa.

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