Thursday, May 5, 2016

Seth Agata is between a rock and Cuomo

As the Percoco scandal perculates Seth Agata must wish he were back at PERB or on his way to Tax or even to the private sector on the west coast.  Here's a hint Seth, call Steve Cohen see if he has any available seats in the lifeboat.

And the Times Union is starting to circle Agata like sharks with blood in the water.

They are asking questions about JJOKE opinions for Percoco's activity.  Of course JJOKE mouthpiece Walt McClure is earning his $78752 salary (or are you a consultant Walt) by saying JJOKE will not comment about opinions it may or may not have given Percoco.

They are also asking if Agata has recused himself from any issues involving Percoco and by extension the governor's office where Agata used to (and may still) work.  Once again The $78752 mouthpiece Walt McClure says JJOKE will not tell us if Agata has recused or if JJOKE is investigating.

And therein Seth is your real problem.  The automatic secrecy that JJOKE defaults to.  It makes it easy for everyone to believe you are corrupt.  Just another stooge the governor has placed at JJOKE to control the process.  Hiding the nasty facts he doesn't want anyone to know.

There is an easy fix though Seth, just answer the media's questions.  They are legitimate questions and if as I believe the answer is no opinions were sought why not just say so?

And don't say the law doesn't allow you to disclose that information.  We both know that's not true (at least I do, you may not have actually read the law yet)  Get the majority of commissioners to authorize you to answer any media inquiry truthfully and watch how much easier your job gets until they abolish JJOKE.

I know because I did it with the Lobby Commission way back in the old days.  Pull the commission minutes I'm sure you can find the resolution.

Until then continue to watch your stress level go up and your reputation drop into the garbage.

Speaking of looking up old records I saw a story the other day about Carmen Arroyo's campaign accounts and casinos and it reminded me that during the Trump investigation of 2000 I got copies of all the NJ casino records for NYS legislators.  A lot of interesting information in those records of our elected officials gambling habits.  I'm sure I must have copies somewhere. It would have been just the type of insurance policy the paranoid Dave Grandeau would have hung onto back then.

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