Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Is Agata incompetant? corrupt? or both?

Good bit of reporting today by the Times Union's Chris Bragg on JJOKE.  You can read it here

Of course you could have read the idea for the story on the blog several weeks ago

Normally I would complain that Chris did not give me due credit for the idea but at this point why bother everyone that matters knows Bragg will write whatever I tell him to.  Didn't you say that to your commissioners Seth Agata after the Times Union story about your fantasy fueled gift ban cases?

But I digress.

Bragg's story proves the point that I have been repeatedly making, new "ethics reforms" that always follow scandal do not matter because the people enforcing the laws are not using the disclosure we have.  And until the reformers start doing what Chris Bragg just did they never will.  Come on Blair Horner, Dick Dadey, Susan Lerner, Barbara Bartoletti join me in demanding Seth Agata's resignation and the dismantling of JJOKE.

Why didn't Seth Agata and JJOKE do what I did or Bragg did and look at what clearly are violations of the reportable business relationship requirements?  Is it because they involved trusted advisors of Governor Cuomo's staff ?  I THINK SO. 


What did Walt "McClueless" McClure say?  "As has been said before, this agency continues to look at its processes and how to make them better on an ongoing basis."


McClueless first used that excuse when Agata and JJOKE whiffed on Percoco's disclosure.  You would think after Agata's horrendous performance at the press scrum after the last meeting he would have started to think about where I would strike next.  Hint Seth there are lots of things dealing with the Governors office you are ignoring.  But nooooo they didn't bother to research reportable business disclosures related to the governors staff.  They knew about them, they read my blog hell I even warned Agata personally over coffee that JJOKE was failing to use the disclosures it already had available.  I started talking about it wayyyyy back in 2013

And by the way this was an easy investigation.  It took me 30 minutes and 3 google searches.  It only took Bragg about 3 days and some phone calls.  How long would it have taken Agata if he wasn't incompetent, corrupt or both?

But he didn't do it because it would have embarrassed the governor.  Agata ought to think about some of the other ethics violations he is ignoring that relate to the executive branch.

For example Agata is pursuing lobbyists that donated to DiBlasio's One New York under the same bullshit theory of implied gifts that he is using to go after those lobbyists and clients that hire public officials children.  I seem to recall that the governor was identified with a group that ran lobbying ads back in 2011.  Would any lobbyists that donated to that group be guilty of making an illegal imputed gift to the Governor?  And speaking of public official's children getting jobs from lobbyists and their clients do you think Agata has looked into the 2nd floors children and where they work?  Heads up Agata that is what they call a brushback pitch in baseball.  Next one goes in your ear.

And just in case you think I am being a mercenary in getting rid of you?  Sorry no client is paying me to do it in fact I don't even represent any of the groups you are bullying in these gift cases.  I'm doing it because it is the right thing to do.

By the way have you shared with your commissioners the fact that you told me you advocated not to pursue the imputed gift theory while discussing it in executive session?

Was that confidential?

I actually hope those cases go to a hearing so they can get the minutes of your executive session and force you and your staff to testify under oath about your interpretation of the imputed gift theory.

One last thing Seth Agata.  As I told you before you should investigate yourself for your role in Cuomo's book deal as a violation of the Public Officers Law.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

And speaking of the book deal, Cuomo got paid by HarperCollins which is a subsidiary of The News Corp which is the client of a registered lobbyist.  Shouldn't there be a reportable business relationship report filed on that?  And do yourself a favor and research if Harper Collins and News Corp share directors and/or officers.  It might be relevant


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