Monday, October 24, 2016

Now where did JJOKE leave that investigation file?

Over a month ago I got a phone call from a reporter in NYC asking if I knew where she could find the Lobby Commission Trump investigation material.

As soon as Trump entered the presidential primaries I took a trip to my basement and dug out the boxes I had packed with my office bric a brac when they abolished the old Lobby Commission.  I was pretty sure I had a copy of the cd rom we handed out to the media and the public when we closed the Trump case.  And sure enough there it was right next to the Phillip Morris cd rom and the Correctional Services cd rom and the report from the New Jersey State Casino Control Commission listing the gambling habits of many of New York's elected officials (part of the Trump case).  So I took it upstairs and put it next to my computer and waited for a call.  As Trump became more and more likely to be the republican candidate for president I became more and more confused that no one was calling.

But then the call set forth above came in.  My answer was sure I know where you can find that information.  Did you try JCOPE?  They took control of all the files from PIC who took control of all the files from the Lobby Commission.  Her answer was she asked JCOPE for the files but they could not find them.

So I sent her a copy of the cd rom and she traveled to Albany to interview me.  Here's the story she wrote:

Forget for a moment the comparison between what the Lobby Commission used to investigate and what Agata's JJOKE is investigating now.  Imputed gifts? really?? The fact remains JJOKE lost the Trump investigation files.  I wonder how many other files they've lost?  They must have lost Percocco's disclosure report, all those business relationship reports Bragg has been writing about and god only knows how many complaints about the 2nd floor staffers activity.  Not to mention the routine filings that go missing all the time.

I know, I know Walt McClueless will tell us Agata is always improving the process at JJOKE.

But the best process improvement they could make would be to FIRE AGATA before he loses the governor the governorship.   Don't laugh it could happen.

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