Tuesday, May 15, 2012

When Ravi exhales

A chill wind is blowing over JCOPE.

One of its members, Ravi Batra, is calling for an investigation of . .  JCOPE.

It looks like at least one person learned from the Herb Teitelbaum troopergate fiasco.  When the music stops you can bet Ravi will have a seat waiting for him in his chauffer driven Maybach.

I love this guy.  I blog that everyone should relax on Libous and 1 hour later Mr. Magoo is calling for an investigation.

And just who should investigate to find the leak?

And how will they do it?

Here's a road map:

Who knew that Libous got a letter?

Who did they tell?

Who did they tell?

Who did they tell?

Eventually you get to Jim Odato, eventually.

By the time you get there I bet you have over 1000 people to interview.

Hell I blogged about it a month ago, and yes I heard the rumours Monday.

So Ravi if you want to investigate JCOPE, start with me I'd love to tell you what I know about this stuff.

You want to stop leaks? drain the pool.  No secrets no secrets to leak.  It worked for the old lobby commission.

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