Thursday, May 1, 2014

JJOKE not a target? Milgram's wishful thinking

It is with great interest and satisfaction that I have read the recent news articles related to the US Attorney for the Southern Districts interest in Albany corruption.

I chuckled when I read our Governor's comments in Crain that he could not be accused of controlling the Moreland Commission since it was his to control to begin with.

I chuckled not because I thought it was amusing that the most controlling force in New York government lost control (how did the Gov's staff let him make those comments?)  No I chuckled because I had predicted to several very smart and powerful people that you can't "trade" an investigatory body for legislation any more than you can use your official government position to threaten an investigation if you don't get the legislation you want.  And once I saw Preet Bharara had subpoenaed JJOKE records it became obvious to me that he is investigating who may be controlling decisions at JJOKE.  Decisions like who should be the next executive director to who should receive 15 day letters to when and if the commissioners should be made aware of complaints and have an opportunity to vote on if a substantial basis investigation should occur.

And the beauty here is JJOKE has already provided a road map of what they will do when properly motivated by the Governor.  Just look at the Lopez investigation.  It's all on line.

Now has JJOKE followed that model for Blair Horner's complaint about the State Democratic Party being an unregistered lobby?  Have they followed that model for Trump's complaint that the AG solicited his family for campaign donations WHILE investigating Mr. Trump? Have they followed that model for any of the complaints related to AG employee David Ellenhorn receiving free private jet rides on David Boies jet or Mr. Ellenhorns conflict of interest or his failure to timely file financial disclosure reports?   It's been over 45 days for all those complaints and if I was a JJOKE commissioner reading this blog I'd be asking staff why no vote has been taken and I'd ask that question before the US Attorney does.  OOOPS that train may have left the station already.

Now let me be clear I have no actual first hand knowledge of what JJOKE has done and I have no actual first hand knowledge of what the US Attorney is doing or why but I do have an opinion.

I think Mr. Bharara is investigating what influence the Governor's office has used to manipulate the various ethics agencies to follow his direction and why.

If I'm right I think a new day for ethics may be dawning and JJOKE is heading to the ethics cemetary to join the agency it replaced.

And in case you think I just came to this opinion you can read my public position here and here and here and thruout the last 2+ years on my blog.

And I think we all owe former JJOKE commissioner Ravi Batra a debt of gratitude for his willingness to publicly identify this problem at JJOKE and for having the courage to resign over it.

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