Wednesday, May 28, 2014

News from inside JJOKE

Big JJOKE commission meeting today.

And while the agenda appears to be another boring, lawerly examination of how many different ways JJOKE can screw up their attempt to pass regulations I'm reliably informed by my web of inside sources and hidden listening devices that the real action will be during the executive session where . . .

They will be discussing hiring a criminal defense attorney to represent JJOKE as part of the ever expanding federal investigation into gubernatorial control of the state's various ethics agencies.

Please lord let Rob Cohen hit the mute button again so we can listen in.

I'd love to hear the various arguments for and against the criminal defense attorney the 2nd floor  ooops, Chairman Horwitz has selected.

Commissioners like Gary Lavine and Seymour Knox will be lobbying hard for their own attorneys paid for by the commission while Marvin Jacobs, Renee Roth and Gary Busey will insist on the selection of a firm with ties to the Speaker's office.

My guess is Weismann already has contacted his own lawyer and Cavullo and Rath are waiting for Skelos's office to tell them who to use.

And then you have the staff at JJOKE.  Everyone of them will be shocked when they have to talk to the US Attorney's Office, and everyone will do their best Sgt. Schultz impersonation "I know nothing".

Just a friendly reminder Gary, over six months ago I told you I no longer cared to speak with you and when you asked why I told you it was because I never wanted to have to testify in a criminal prosecution related to gubernatorial control over JJOKE.   Consider this my


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