Monday, May 12, 2014

Nostradamus ain't got nothing on me

Every now and then I check the data to see which previous blogs are getting the most interest from the readers.  When I did that this morning it's obvious that the musical series I did on Moreland and what would result from the appointment of the commission is getting the most looks.  And when I reread what I had written last fall I realized . . . I may be Nostradamus when it comes to ethics in NY.

Which got me thinking about some other predictions I have made on ethics.  Predictions I made to Gary Lavine, LT, Ravi, Pat Bulgaro and a bunch of other JJOKERS past and present.  A simple thank you would be nice.   As to all the predictions I have made to clients that have been spot on no thanks necessary that's what you pay me for.  For you reporters that call wanting to know what comes next . . . the ones I respect get my intel and your stories are thanks enough.  The ones I don't respect get nothing and the ones I don't even like a little get hung up on.

Realizing I have these prognosticator powers I have decided to start a new feature in the blog.  Every so often I'll list those ethics violations I think are occurring that JJOKE will never investigate.  We can see if my predictions come true.  I know when it comes to JJOKE NOT investigating it is a self fulfilling prophecy but will make for an interesting read.  And just maybe LT can be shamed or frightened into doing a good job.

So in addition to all the prior predictions (State Democratic Party lobby ads, Duffy's business relationship not being reported, Susan Lerners source of funding disclosure, Artists against Fracking non registration, etc etc, yada yada yada) Here's a couple more:

Larry Schwartz using state time and resources to respond to allegations about Sandra Lee's home improvements.

21st Century Consumers unregistered lobbying unregistered lobbying

Now to be fair those last 2 are based on reviewing the JJOKE database which is so far behind and backlogged as to be virtually useless, but that's for another blog.

Now let me go wayyyyy out on a limb and predict that JJOKE becomes even more secretive and paranoid as a result of the subpoenas Preet served on them.

Hey Gary remember when I used to tell you what was coming in the way of problems?   Good luck in the future.

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