Thursday, October 8, 2015

JJOKE meeting got hot and I have the inside scoop

To those who watched the JJOKE meeting yesterday it was obvious that the debate got heated, what you could not tell unless you were actually present (and not a single representative of JERKOFF was there) was that the room itself was hot as hell, and I know why.  Marvin Jacobs is suffering from a cold and asked commission staff to raise the heat.  Being as incompetent as they are they overdid it and we all sweated like lower east side sweatshop workers in the old days.  Now Chairman Dan Horwitz didn't sweat from the heat because once again the JJOKE chairman didn't have the courtesy to actually attend the meeting in person.  I think Dan is just afraid to face Marvin and George Weissman, who made their dislike of Horwitz known to all that could hear their cross table whispering.  As I get older my hearing fails me at times but I was pretty close to the table, in fact I felt like Roy Cohn at a McCarthy hearing with as much whispering of advice as I gave Cavullo and Weissman, but I could have sworn I heard Weissman tell Marvin that if Horwitz ever showed up he would "teach that "pissant" a lesson he'd never forget" and I'm 99% sure Marvin responded "we know how to handle "fagellas" like him on the lower east side".  Now if I was Horwitz I wouldn't worry about those two I'd keep my eye on Joe Cavullo.  For an old guy I'm sure he can still throw down and he strikes me as a commissioner who just doesn't give a fuck about being politically correct anymore.  He had the best moment of the meeting when he told the other commissioners to resign if they would have to ask for an exemption from the financial disclosure reports for their clients with referral business from lobbyists.  You should have seen Gary Levine turn white.  But to be fair after the meeting I asked Gary a very direct question.  I asked did he represent any lobbyists or clients with state business.  He hesitated and then said no.  I'll be checking that answer out and let you know what I find out.

On the subject of the nationwide search for the next executive director I took the opportunity before the meeting began to secure Marvin's support for my candidacy.  That's one vote I just need 7 more.  Cavullo and Weissman told me to submit a resume, to which I responded if you don't know who I am why are you involved in voting for the next head of the agency.  I'm kind of a big deal when it comes to ethics in New York, just ask Patty Salkin or Barbara Bartoletti.  Gary Levine told the other commissioners in front of the media that I was brilliant and should receive serious consideration.  I'm going to count Gary as a yes vote until he is told by Horwitz not to bring my name up during any conversation about the next executive director.  Now I did get the opportunity to speak with the person that will become JJOKE's next executive director, Kevin Gagan.  I must say he doesn't look like a cop and he didn't act like a cop he just sounded and acted like a guy that has realized he is in way over his head.  I told him to call me for a cup of coffee and I'd try to save him from a year of misery and a potential subpoena from the U S Attorneys office.  He's got time because the Cuomo crowd will stall until the pain in the ass legislative appointed commissioners are replaced.  Then Horwitz can go back to being the bully that he naturally is without fear that a commissioner will knock his dick in the dirt in front of everyone.  It happened so often this last meeting you have to wonder if Dan thinks getting his wife a $200000 + job from the Cuomo crowd is worth it.  Well people will go a long way to help family just ask Skelos or Salkin or Bruno or Holzer (that's a Biben reference, more of that research I do) or . . . well it's a long list which I may publish one of these days.

I also got a chance to introduce Marvin to Chris Bragg from the Times Union.  Marvin was bothered that every time Chris writes about Marvin he prefaces it with "appointed by indicted former speaker Sheldon Silver"  I explained to Marvin if Chris wanted to be snide or snarky he could pull a Casey Sielor and preface it with "appointed by his old school roommate and indicted former speaker Sheldon Silver".  Marvin was speechless, but part of being a serious reporter is doing your research.

Had Salkin or anyone else from the JERKOFF commission seen the meeting they would have been able to see Horwitz um and ahh his way thru the usual announcement at the conclusion of the executive session "we did a little of this granted a couple of those settled some other things and agreed upon an amnesty program for lobby filiers"  What did he just mumble? an amnesty program for lobby filiers.  Now just wait a second you voted on something effecting the Lobby Act in a secret executive session?  I'm shocked that is a clear violation of the Public Officers Law.  Issues under the Lobby Act require public meetings.  Well I'm sure Salkin will include that in her well written report on JJOKE.  Maybe she can even have a Senate intern review the legal issue for her.  Independent my ass.  I do my research Patty and I don't ever stop.  You never know Patty your independence or lack thereof may even come up at that public hearing next week waaaaay down in New York City.  Of course you could always cancel it tomorrow, it being the Friday before a holiday on Monday the timing would be perfect.

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