Friday, October 23, 2015

Make no mistake I have applied

To JJOKE for the vacant position of executive director.

I spoke with several commissioners at the last JJOKE meeting and I called Holly Levy and Monica Stamm to formally apply, neither one took my call (memo to self fire Holly and ask Monica to promptly return my calls when I am the executive director).

To make sure my hat was officially in the ring I sent the following email today:



Subject: executive director

Date: Oct 23, 2015 10:14 AM

I am applying for the position of executive director that you have posted. 
I have already made my application known to Commissioners Jacobs, Cavullo, Weissman, Romeo and Levine. 
I have also left a voicemail for Holly Levy and Monica Stamm notifying them of my application. 
During the above referenced notifications I have informed you that I will not be providing a resume or writing samples. 
As to the resume, you know who I am, if you don't just read this
I am the formidable candidate Mr. Horner is referring to. 
I will attach one of my promotional brochures if that helps with your bureaucratic needs. 
As to writing samples you are directed to the written opinions of the Lobby Commission from 1995 until 2007, as I wrote them, or you can read my blog at, something many of you already do.  Let me know when I can expect to be interviewed.
David Grandeau
Now lets see if I get an interview.
Now for my many clients that might be unreasonably worried that I will be exiting my consulting practice. Not a chance.
First I am loyal, I would never leave a client.
Second I like my lifestyle I really really do and I would hate being a state employee again.
So you might reasonably ask why am I applying to be the executive director?
That answer is simple.
I am crazy and JJOKE doesn't have the balls to call my bluff.
Think of it this way I am playing poker with JJOKE and showing them my cards and they still will not win the hand.
If they don't offer me the job Blair Horner's insightful analysis comes true, whomever they give the job to better be a better choice than I am.
If they do offer me the job it will only be after the greatest interview ever reported on live by the Albany media.
I guarantee a show and I have a lot of questions I want to ask JJOKE in front of an audience and I would get a chance
to enter into a negotiation that would make Congressman Ryan blush.
And for those in the lobbying community that never retained me you better hurry up and hire me just in case. Think of that as ethical extortion.
Or sarcasm for those of you who take this stuff too seriously
Now shuffle up and deal, because I am going all in.

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